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Mission Statement: Our goal is to save all 306 acres of the Dorothea Dix Campus for a World Class Destination Park for future generations.

Looking for the Official Dix Park Web site? Go here: DixPark.org

Dix306 Supports Keeping the Dix Hospital Open

Dix306 unanimously supports the proposal for the Dix Hospital to remain open and provide services for mental health as long as they are needed. We strongly support adoption of the proposal being discussed by our Wake County Commissioners and the NC Legislature and DHHS.

The proposal advocates keeping 32 (or more) beds open until 2011 (or longer) to provide mental health services until the Wake County crisis facility and an addition to Holly Hill are complete and the State has adequate hospital beds to address mental health needs.

On Wednesday, 2007-12-05, Bill Padgett, President of Dix306 spoke before the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee For Mental Health, Developmental Disability and Substance Abuse System. Bill reiterated our position of support for plans that call for continuing to use the Dorothea Dix hospital as a mental health facility. Here is a transcript of Bill's comments before the committee.

Members of the GA Mental Health Oversight Committee,

I am Bill Padgett, President of Dix306.

We do have a vision for a destination park on these 306 acres of land but when/if the Dix Hospital closes. We do not support the proposed closing of Dix or Umstead hospitals.

Many of our citizens may be days, perhaps hours away from a tragedy that could forever change their lives and those of their family/friends. Destination parks take decades to plan and to create... we have time. But mental health is in a crisis today... they don't have time.

Our board adopted the following resolution in November, 2007 and it resides on our website:

[Bill then read the resolution, which appears above]

Again speaking as a destination park advocate, let me say that we have time but today, mental health is in a state-wide crisis and that must be addressed. Dix306 recommends the following:

- Slow down on closing Dix and Umstead hospitals.

- Go fast on providing the staff, funding and facilities to end our mental health crisis in NC.

Thank You.

See http://story.100.com/?rid=11542976&cat=051152ce25f99b82 for the full story.

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"This is a beautiful parcel of land in a very important location. Please save this space!"
Heather Heinz

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