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Mission Statement: Our goal is to save all 306 acres of the Dorothea Dix Campus for a World Class Destination Park for future generations.

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Letters From Dix Park Supporters

If you would like to share your thoughts and opinions about Dix Park, we will publish them here. If you have sent a letter to the editor, send us a copy... we'll publish it, even if they choose not to.

Send your submissions to info@dix306.org

August 12, 2007

Destination Dix

If the Dorothea Dix Hospital truly is shutting down in the near future, then it would be a mistake to do anything with the property other than preserve all of it for a destination park.

This property with its proximity to downtown Raleigh is a gem that should be treasured and preserved for future generations to enjoy. It should not be developed for residential or commercial purposes, nor should it be siphoned off for one state building after another. The City of Raleigh has many other locations that are well-suited for each of those purposes. In contrast, the Dix property is the only location in Raleigh where a destination park has the opportunity to thrive and ultimately be something special, something that we as a citizenry will be proud to call our own and to which visitors to the capital of our state will be eager to experience.

It's unfortunate that the legislature missed its opportunity this year to preserve all of the Dix property for a destination park. I hope that the Council of State makes better use of its chance to do something wonderful for the entire state of North Carolina.

Franklin Haignere

July 30, 2007

Subject: Dix 306 Acre Park


Few endeavors so profoundly and positively affect humanity, the planet, and all it's creatures as the preservation of land for parks. The wonderful open space, flora and fauna of large city parks provide infinite physical health and mental health benefits in the midst of the concrete and steel of the urban environment. The continuous expanse of green space absorbs heat entrapping greenhouse gases while emanating life-giving oxygen.

The proposed 306 acre Dix Park will benefit all citizens and interests of the great State of North Carolina. The State Government will not only be paid for the 306 acres, but will benefit by the City of Raleigh overseeing, maintaining and improving the property. The Park will be available to Tar Heels from across the State, while providing tourist revenues to all levels of Government coffers and will increase surrounding property values by two billion, yes, billion, dollars.

Raleigh is the only city and North Carolina is the only state in the entire country, which has this unique, singular, and one-time opportunity. The citizens, community leaders and government officials will be thanked and remembered for all time for having the vision and courage to have created the 306 acre Dix Park.

Samuel A. Laurie

July 8, 2007

To whom it may concern,

If Dorothea Dix were a park, think of all the children who would be playing there. My name is Davis Peacock and I am nine years old. I am a supporter of Dorothea Dix as a park because if it was a park there would be 306 acres to do things. I have a friend named Addison (8 years old) and we like to spy on his sister Lily (4 years old) in wide open spaces. 306 acres is very, VERY, VERY, wide. By the way, we don't need another mall. We already have 2 malls and then we have a lot of strip malls, apartments, condos, and townhouses, but then only a few parks. Developing Dorothea Dix means cutting trees. Trees give us air, without trees we would perish. These are some reasons to save Dorothea Dix park.

With hope, Davis Peacock
Age 9









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From The Dix306 Petition

"I lived in Raliegh for 12 years and always enjoyed this piece of land as it was behind my apartment and next to my college campus. It would be a catastrophe to see it turned over to developers. Isn't there enough of that going on in Raleigh anyways? Those folks need some green areas!"
Sophia Papadopoulos

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